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Ella will you please tell your followers what is going on with you and Ant? <3 Just kinda wanna know what's going on.

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Ok, I understand everyone’s curiosity but if there was anything we wanted to “announce” we would have done it by now. We’re trying to live our lives and get by the best we can and cope with a massive change in circumstances. We don’t have any straight forward answer or explanation to give to anyone and it least rude way I can put it, I don’t feel like I owe it either.

For anyone that’s interested, this is my new home that I’ve moved into with some friends.

Three floors with the whole bottom floor dedicated to cosplay stuff plus a big outdoor shed for fibre glassing and spraying.

Worktops are going in for the cosplay workshop soon and living room furniture is on it’s way!

Adventurous? How adventurous? Like, sex while fighting dragons, ruling galaxies sort of adventurous?

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Do you do any exercise other than your new job or have a specific diet? You've got the perfect body!

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Adventurous sex